Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Step 3 – Natural Herbal Revitalizing Lotion

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The Revitalizing Lotion is designed to maintain actively the essential follicle cleansing, nourishing and stimulating process on a 24/7 basis. A “tingling” sensation, especially in the early stages of your treatment, is proof of its continuous action. The resulting well-nourished and obstruction-free follicles promote healthier and thicker hair, even in areas where it had been often choked out of sight.

Although similar in ingredients to the penetrating lotion the Revitalizing Lotion has different concentrations of  the natural ingredients.

The third step is gently massaged into the scalp after washing and towel dry and left in the hair to continue working. Contains capsicum an ingredient known to help relieve the symptoms of burning scalp. Rosemary in Margo Hair Alive is beneficial for relief of dry flaky scalps  reducing the symptoms of dandruff.

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Product Description

MARGO ALIVE Revitalizing Lotion is the last step of the external hair treatment and incorporates the whole range of the MARGO ALIVE Triple Action features. Its herbal composition is the same as that of the Penetrating Lotion, the only difference being in the graduation. Here the predominant herbs are the stimulants; Capcicum, Rosemary, Stinging Nettle, and Verbena. Since the Revitalizing Lotion is not rinsed off, it remains active in the scalp until the next treatment and continues to dissolve the follicle plugs and nourish the hair system. The Capsicum and the Verbena create a gentle feeling of heat in the scalp and greatly enhance the local blood circulation twenty four hours a day. Thus, the bulk of nutrients are sent to the hair root through the enhanced blood flow. The herbs, which saturate the scalp, remain dormant until perspiration occurs at which point they react and immediately isolate the salt molecules, using the liquid to renew their nourishing and cleansing action. To sum up, MARGO ALIVE Revitalizing Lotion delivers a powerful TRIPLE ACTION treatment to scalp and hair, which:

CLEANSES the scalp and follicles by dissolving salt, sebum and chemical buildup much like a sebum shampoo.
NOURISHES the hair system by stimulating the root, bulb and scalp surface, and
PREVENTS salt and sebum build up by maintaining a constant herbal presence in the scalp.

Our herbal hair loss products have been recommended as a Sebum shampoo, burning scalp syndrome treatment and hair regrowth product for over 30 years.


Purified Water, Alcohol (Ethanol), Capsicum, Stinging Nettle, Rosemary, Butcher’s Broom, Bladder Wrack, Verbena.

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