Herbal Hair Loss Shampoo Combo step 1, 2 & 3 Kit

$ 89.95

Margo Alive Hair Restoring System is an organic hair and scalp treatment that not only will help with hair loss, Burning Scalp Syndrome and  dandruff  but will leave your hair glossy and stronger.

Products are available in individual bottles but we suggest you start with the Combo Kit, the combination of step one, two, and three – all you need to be on your way to an uncluttered scalp and great hair.  Remember, the Combo lasts up to four months.  And if you hair is dry and brittle, get the optional Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.


Product Description

The Combo is the ideal starter kit.  It contains a 120 ml (4 oz.) bottle of Penetrating Lotion, a 375 ml (12 oz.) bottle of Concentrated Herbal Shampoo and a 250 m. (8 oz.) bottle of Revitalizing Lotion.  It should last between 3 to 4 months, depending on the scalp and hair.  You will see the difference by the time you have finished using our Combo package.

How does the Combo Kit and the Margo Alive System work?

The Combo Kit is a three step treatment designed to eliminate follicle plugs due to perspiration and sebum (an oily and waxy substance that is the cause of “oily” hair).  This kit can last you up to four months.


Step one is the PENETRATING LOTION, which sets off the whole process.

The Penetrating Lotion is based on the sea weed Bladder Wrack.  The natural iodine it contains will directly attack the follicle’s perspiration and sebum deposits and dissolve them almost on contact and it will gradually remove them.  The lotion also contains powerful growth stimulating herbs such as cayennestinging nettle, and Butcher’s Broom – a herb used to stimulate local blood circulation.



The Herbal Shampoo picks up and removes all that has been loosened by the Penetrating Lotion and leaves the scalp and hair absolutely clean since it doesn’t contain any Sodium Laureth Sulfates.



The Revitalizing Lotion is applied after the hair has been washed and towel dried.  It stays on the scalp and continues the same cleansing and stimulating action.  It has much more of the cayenne and stinging nettle.  You may feel a tingling sensation on your scalp when you apply it but that is what increases the blood flow to the hair roots and with it, the flow of nutrients to stimulate a healthy hair growth.

Last but not least, the Revitalizing Lotion works 24 hours a day, so your scalp is always under treatment.

Of course, if your hair is dry and difficult to manage, we have a MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER.  Again, the cream is so concentrated that a bottle will last the average person three to four months.

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