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    MARGO International Marketing Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of MARGO “Natural Way to Hair Care” products for both Canada and the United States.¬† The Company was established in November 1987. The products are manufactured in Canada using our exclusive herbal extracts imported from Italy. We export to the United States, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and Germany as well.

    The Product was developed by the combined efforts of Paolo Cociani (Founder of MARGO Cosmetic Laboratories), Dr. Fabio Marchi√≤ (his Homeopathic Doctor), a botanist, a Medical Doctor, and a historian; the latter three being Paolo’s university colleagues. The group did extensive research into the use of herbs in hair care among the Mediterranean and North European people over the past centuries. Their studies end result is the present day MARGO Alive Natural Herbal Hair Restoring System, a modern scalp treatment formula whose herbal ingredients have withstood the test of literally centuries of use.