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    Dermatologist recommended Margo Hair Alive for Burning Scalp Syndrome

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    Dermatologist Recommends Margo Hair Alive Products to Relieve Burning Scalp Syndrome

    The following excerpt is from the online health service Just Answer Health and talks about Burning Scalp Syndrome and various treatments for the condition. The question to Dr. Babu is about Burning Scalp Syndrome and the treatments available which includes Dr. Babu recommending the Margo Hair Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System for relief of Burning Scalp Syndrome.

    Here is the article and reply from Dr. Hanish Babu, MD, Dermatologist:

    margohairaliveburningscalpsyndromeAlso called Scalp Dysesthesia, Burning Scalp Syndrome is a treatment resistant skin condition like the notorious post herpetic neuralgia. Until recently this problem was not officially identified by dermatologists and had been put down to nervousness.

    The exact cause of burning scalp syndrome is unknown. The following hypotheses are still unproven:

    1. When the hair follicles enter into the resting stage (telogen) of the hair cycle many people experience a burning sensation in the scalp. Telogen effluvium is associated with shedding of hair and miniaturization of hair follicles. These hair follicles are prone to inflammation and generalized inflammation causes burning sensation on the scalp.  Telogen effluvium is seen after prolonged illnesses or stressful periods in life.
    2. Sensory nerve irritation caused by stasis of blood circulation in the scalp due to some cause.
    3. Stasis of lymphatic drainage of the scalp due to any cause leading to accumulation of toxic wastes and irritation of nerve endings.
    4. Anxiety or depressive illnesses.
    5. Onset of cicatricial alopecia, a scarring type of hair loss may be preceded and/or accompanied by burning scalp syndrome, due to compression of nerve endings by the fibrous scar tissue.

    In your wife’s case, number 4 may be playing a combined role in sustaining the condition.

    The following should help your wife:

    1. Avoid hot or very cold water baths, abrasive shampoos, aggressive combing, and tight hair bands.

    2. Capsaicin (Capsicum) cream application twice daily which relieves pain, itching, and burning sensation of the skin and scalp.  A recommended starting dose is 0.025% capsaicin (Capsicum) cream applied four times a day. If this dose is ineffective, a 0.075% capsaicin (Capsicum) cream can be used. Try for at least 4 weeks to assess effectiveness.

    3. Anti-itching applications like scalpicin liquid applied after bath may also help relieve the burning sensation. Moisturizing creams with 5% urea will also be helpful.

    4. Mositurizing shampoos like dove or sebamed should keep the scalp from getting dry. Margo Alive shampoo which contains capsaicin may be particularly effective in burning scalp syndrome.

    5. A few scalp exercises and soft massages may help some patients (aggressive massage may aggravate the burning sensation).

    6. Treatment with antidepressants such as doxepin or amytryptaline has been found effective in many patients. The effectiveness will be evident only after 2- 4 weeks.

    7. In resistant cases, biofeedback, relaxation and hypnotherapies may also be used as adjuncts to medical therapy.

    For a direct reference to the article you can visit here.

    For the best herbal treatment available for burning scalp syndrome visit our products page for our three part treatment.

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    What are these really cool sounding ingredients?

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    At Margo Alive, we pride ourselves in using the most natural ingredients possible.  Some of them have the most interesting sounding names.  With that in mind, we would like to share a couple of them with you.

    What is Bladder Wrack and why is it one of the ingredients?

    Bladder Wrack is a form of Kelp or seaweed that has been used medicinally for  centuries by many different cultures.  Latin name Fucas Vesiculous has a number of common names that it is known by: Bladder Wrack, Black Tang, Sea Oak, Cut Weed, Rockweed or Rock Wrack .

    Bladder Wrack is rich in Iodine, Algin, Mannitol,  high in Corotene,Calcium,Magnesum,Potassium,Sodium, Sulfur,Silicon,Iron, some B complex Vitamins, moderate amounts of Phosporus, selenium, manganese, zinc, small amounts of vitamins A,C,E & G.

    Although not recommended to be ingested, Bladder Wrack is used topically to relieve burns, ageing skin, skin disease and insect bites. Bladder Wrack is an ingredient in our formula to ease burning scalp syndrome.

    What is Capsicum?

    Capsicum is the Genus of flowering plant of the Nightshade family.  It is native to the Americas and has been cultivated for thousands of years.  Capsicum contains a Lipophilic chemical that produces a strong burning sensation on the tongue when ingested.

    Capsicum has always had great importance in Native American medicine. In modern medicine it is used as a circulatory stimulant.

    It is the Capsicum in Margo Alive that causes the tingling sensation on your scalp stimulating the hair follicles.  Capsicum  will cause a stinging sensation if you get some in your eye, which is why we recommend that you do not get it in your eyes. It will not damage the tissues, it will just sting a bit.

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