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    Margo Alive Hair Revitalizing System in Alive Magazine…

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    Margo Alive Hair Revitalizing System  has been in Alive Magazine for many years.  Here is a short paragraph written by the Alive Magazine about Margo Alive hair products.

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    Hair loss is not always irreversible. When stress, lifestyle, health and even hair grooming products cause excessive scalp perspiration and sebum production, an ongoing follicle plugging process follows. That process chokes hair by restricting the flow of protein and blood from the hair root. Women then experience progressively thinner hair and men develop the familiar male bald pattern. But in either case, the hair root may be a long way from dead. Margo Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System can and does help restore hair growth. The herbs in the popular shampoo, and penetrating and revitalizing lotion combo kit go a long way toward ridding the follicles of the damaging plugs and stimulating growth from within the root. The economically priced kit lasts three to four months. To get more information about availability call toll free 1-800-667-1022 or visit

    You can find the article HERE.

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    Eco-Friendly “green” Herbal Shampoo Ingredient List

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    Step Number Two. Concentrated Herbal Shampoo


    Recently we changed the formula in both of our all natural herbal shampoos; the Concentrated Herbal Shampoo and the Normal Healthy Herbal Shampoo and have made them much more “green”  and eco-friendly.  We changed some ingredients and removed others. Both of our all natural herbal shampoos still give you an amazing lather and a clean healthy scalp. The shampoo is an extremely  important step in the Margo Alive hair Revitalizing system. We want our customers to know that the ingredients used in our fomula are all natural and safe for both your scalp and the environment. Margo Alive has been helping people for over 28 years fight the conditions that cause hair loss.

    Look for our new posts on each of the ingredients.  You can click below and get information on each of our ingredients.  If the links are not clickable, the blog post is in the process of being written and will be added very shortly.


    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

    Sodium Methyl Oleayl Taurate

    Lauryl Betaine

    Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

    Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)

    Aloe Barbadensis (Vera) Leaf Juice

    Capsicum Extract

    Stinging Nettle Extract

    Rosemary Extract

    Butcher’s Broom Extract

    Bladderwrak Extract

    Oil of Verbena


    Sodium Benzoate

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    How Sebum shampoo controls hair loss

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    Margo Hair Alive sebum shampoo and treatment can help with hair growth by cleaning the scalp thoroughly.

    Sebum is produced by the microscopic sebaceous glands in the skin. They excrete an oily/ waxy matter that lubricates and waterproofs the skin  and hair. In humans the sebaceous glands are found in greatest abundance on the scalp. An excess of sebum production produces an oily scalp which can lead to an increase in hair loss or a hindrance for hair growth.

    Margo Alive shampoo is a hair loss and scalp treatment that helps to remove the excess sebum from the scalp and allows the hair shaft to grow. The herbal and natural ingredients in the Margo Alive Penetrating Lotion breaks down the fatty oily substance in the hair follicles and on the scalp. The Margo Alive Shampoo then rinses away the deposits of sebum and salts from the scalp leaving a clean environment for natural hair growth. The three step process is one of the best herbal treatments for this type of scalp condition.

    If you are suffering from Sebum build up and want a great herbal shampoo and treatment to help with sebum control give Margo Hair alive a try. The three stage combo kit has everything you need for sebum control.

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    Margo Alive Products Are A Great Value

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    Why is the Margo Hair Alive system for Hair loss so expensive?

    This is a question that we often get about the Margo Hair Alive Hair Regrowth Revitalizing system.

    All of the ingredients in our products to reduce hair loss and encourage regrowth are 100% natural. We use only purified water and extracts of herbal ingredients that are found in nature. We do not use chemicals in our products that will harm the environment or more importantly your skin. I recently received a sample in the mail of a product that claims to restore hair but when I read the instructions the first line reads “Warning : Flammable do not use near flame or while smoking.Use only in ventilated areas. Avoid spraying in eyes.Keep out of reach of children” This is all in capital letters so they really want you to read this. Why would you want to put this on your scalp?

    All of the Margo Hair Alive products are completely safe to use by all members of the family. We even have a family formulated shampoo that contains all the wonderful herbal ingredients of our concentrated shampoo of the three step triple action hair restoring system.

    Wondering what those ingredients are? A quick list -Stinging Nettle, Butchers Broom,Bladder Wrack, Capsicum,Rosemary and Verbena. All natural all safe. Yes we do use alcohol in our products I am not going to lie but the reason is that the extract or essences of a couple of the natural herbs are only soluble in alcohol and once they have become a liquid form they are mixed with the purified water.

    We do warn not to get our product in your eyes. The reason for this is we have Capsicum extract in our products. Capsicum is derived from skin of peppers and is what gives them their heat. Capsicum is also a natural stimulant to encourage the hair follicles to regrow your hair. Another side benefit to Capsicum is the natural relief it gives for Burning Scalp Syndrome.

    But I am way off topic as to why our hair revitalizing restoring products seem so expensive. If the three products: Step 1 Herbal Penetrating Lotion, breaks up the sebum, salts and oils on the scalp- use about 6-10 drops Step 2 The Concentrated Herbal Shampoo works with step one and washes the loosened sebum and salts away-use about a dime sized dollop – twice. Step 3 The Revitalizing Lotion that remains on the towel dried scalp to nourish the hair system and help prevent further formation of sebum that plugs the hair follicles causing hair loss- use 10-15 drops

    If these are used following the complete and easy instructions that we send along you will find that our products will last you up to three months depending on how often you wash your hair and clean your scalp. So dividing the cost by three months our products are actually very cost effective.

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    New Eco-Friendly Shampoo Ingredient Post – Capsicum Extract

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    Recently we changed the formula for our shampoo and made it much more eco-friendly.  We changed some ingredients and removed others.

    Over the next few weeks, we are going to write a post about each of the ingredients.  For a list of the ingredients and (eventual) links to all of the blog posts, please click HERE.

    Capsicum Extract


    Capsicum extract is is also known as chili pepper or cayenne pepper extract.  It is made by combining peppers with vinegar or oil.

    Capsicum extract is also an excellent means of providing additional vitamins A and C and also significant amounts of zinc, rutin, and potassium.

    Capsicum extract is one of the best hair growth boosting products. Research has shown that regular intake of capsicum can increase hair growth rates by up to 50% as well as release histamines to accelerate new hair growth. It also prevents hair falling out and makes your hair thicker and fuller.

    Capsicum also helps with Burning Scalp Syndrome (more on that below or you can click HERE to read about how Margo Alive products help with this Syndrome and HERE for a dermatologist’s recommendation for Burning Scalp Syndrome).

    The tingling sensation that you feel when applying the product are electric signals being released by the papilla (hair root) which is located at the base of the hair follicle. The papilla has a dense network of blood capillaries that feed the hair strand with blood in order for the hair to grow properly.

    When blood flow to this area decreases, hair growth also decreases. Capsicum helps by jump-starting the blood flow from the papilla to the hair follicle.

    Burning Scalp Syndrome

    Burning Scalp Syndrome is a poorly understood condition where the individual feels an itchy, tender, tingly, or hot sensation on all or part of their scalp. The disorder is usually chronic and individuals may experience symptoms that range from barely noticeable to completely unbearable. Burning Scalp Syndrome can have a number of causes both environmental and physical. The exact cause of Burning Scalp Syndrome has not been identified however the use of capsicum as a treatment has had wide success. Capsicum relieves the burning sensation through a counter irritation mechanism.

    Margo Alive Hair Loss Treatment System contains natural capsicum and Bladder Wrack.  Both have been used historically to help relieve the symptoms of Burning Scalp Syndrome. As a Burning Scalp System treatment or Burning Scalp shampoo, Margo Hair Alive works well to relieve the conditions associated with this scalp condition.

    Dermatologist Recommends Margo Hair Alive Products to Relieve Burning Scalp Syndrome

    The following excerpt is from the online health service Just Answer Health and talks about Burning Scalp Syndrome and various treatments for the condition. The question to Dr. Babu is about Burning Scalp Syndrome and the treatments available which includes Dr. Babu recommending the Margo Hair Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System for relief of Burning Scalp Syndrome.

    Here is the article and reply from Dr. Hanish Babu, MD, Dermatologist:

    margohairaliveburningscalpsyndromeAlso called Scalp Dysesthesia, Burning Scalp Syndrome is a treatment resistant skin condition like the notorious post herpetic neuralgia. Until recently this problem was not officially identified by dermatologists and had been put down to nervousness.

    The exact cause of burning scalp syndrome is unknown. The following hypotheses are still unproven:

    1. When the hair follicles enter into the resting stage (telogen) of the hair cycle many people experience a burning sensation in the scalp. Telogen effluvium is associated with shedding of hair and miniaturization of hair follicles. These hair follicles are prone to inflammation and generalized inflammation causes burning sensation on the scalp.  Telogen effluvium is seen after prolonged illnesses or stressful periods in life.
    2. Sensory nerve irritation caused by stasis of blood circulation in the scalp due to some cause.
    3. Stasis of lymphatic drainage of the scalp due to any cause leading to accumulation of toxic wastes and irritation of nerve endings.
    4. Anxiety or depressive illnesses.
    5. Onset of cicatricial alopecia, a scarring type of hair loss may be preceded and/or accompanied by burning scalp syndrome, due to compression of nerve endings by the fibrous scar tissue.

    In your wife’s case, number 4 may be playing a combined role in sustaining the condition.

    The following should help your wife:

    1. Avoid hot or very cold water baths, abrasive shampoos, aggressive combing, and tight hair bands.

    2. Capsaicin (Capsicum) cream application twice daily which relieves pain, itching, and burning sensation of the skin and scalp.  A recommended starting dose is 0.025% capsaicin (Capsicum) cream applied four times a day. If this dose is ineffective, a 0.075% capsaicin (Capsicum) cream can be used. Try for at least 4 weeks to assess effectiveness.

    3. Anti-itching applications like scalpicin liquid applied after bath may also help relieve the burning sensation. Moisturizing creams with 5% urea will also be helpful.

    4. Mositurizing shampoos like dove or sebamed should keep the scalp from getting dry. Margo Alive shampoo which contains capsaicin may be particularly effective in burning scalp syndrome.

    5. A few scalp exercises and soft massages may help some patients (aggressive massage may aggravate the burning sensation).

    6. Treatment with antidepressants such as doxepin or amytryptaline has been found effective in many patients. The effectiveness will be evident only after 2- 4 weeks.

    7. In resistant cases, biofeedback, relaxation and hypnotherapies may also be used as adjuncts to medical therapy.

    For a direct reference to the article you can visit here.

    For the best herbal treatment available for burning scalp syndrome visit our products page for our three part treatment.

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    Margo Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System Instruction Steps

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    Three Easy And Natural Steps For Prompt Results

    STEP ONE: Penetrating Lotion

    The natural iodine found in sea algae extracts allows the lotion to penetrate follicles and instantly dissolve the harmful plugs.  That opens the way for the remaining herbs to flow to the roots, stimulate blood circulation, and nourish them, which is essential to maintaining a healthy scalp.

    STEP TWO: Concentrated Shampoo

    A highly concentrated herbal shampoo (free from the usual Sodium Laureth Sulfates found in commercial shampoos) that blends ideally with the Penetrating Lotion and removes all scalp impurities without a trace of residues.

    STEP THREE: Revitalizing Lotion

    The Revitalizing Lotion is designed to maintain actively the esential follicle cleansing, nourishing, and stimulating process on a 24/7 basis.  A “tingling” sensation, especially in the early stages of your treatment, is proof of its continuous action.  The resulting well-nourished and obstruction-free follicles promote healthier and thicker hair, even in areas where it had been often choked out of sight.

    OPTIONAL: Moisturizing Conditioner

    Its wealth of herbal nutrients, Keratins, and Vitamin E is a perfect solution to restore body and shine to dry, brittle coloured hair.  The lotion’s addition of a natural lemon oil extract assure the ideal pH balance.

    Pick up your MARGO ALIVE Triple Action Hair Treatment Combo Kit by clicking HERE.

    Using The Full Margo Treatment (A Three Step Process)

    NOTE: The best way to apply the product without wasting it is to place the finger tip on the scalp and, using the bottle spigot, drop one drop and work it in a one inch circle.

    STEP 1: Apply 10-20 drops of the Penetrating Lotion (Step 1) to the dry scalp and massage lotion in gently until the scalp is covered.  Ideally, the lotion should be left about 10 minutes before shampooing but if your time schedule does not allow that, it can be applied and left overnight.

    STEP 2: Before wetting the hair, apply the Natural Herbal Shampoo (Step 2) to the scalp, using the same method as in step 1 above.  Wet and massage your scalp in the shower, then rinse.  If your hair needs it, add a few more drops of the shampoo, work into a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly.

    OPTIONAL STEP: If you have very dry or tangling hair, you should use the optional Moisturizing Conditioner.  Once you have rinsed off the shampoo, apply a few drops of the Moisturizing Conditioner to your hair and massage gently concentrating on hair ends rather than the scalp.  Leave it in your hair for 1-2 minutes then rinse off with cool water.

    STEP 3: After towel drying your hair, apply 20-30 drops of the Revitalizing Lotion (Step 3) to your scalp and massage gently until your scalp is covered.  After the lotion is applied, you can set or comb your hair.  Do not rinse the hair lotion or it will lose its effect.  Ideally, you should allow the lotion to dry by itself without blow drying.  If you have to blow dry, do it when the hair is almost dry in order to allow the skin to absorb as much of the hair lotion as possible.

    In order to get the full benefit from the MARGO ALIVE hair treatment we recommend the full treatment twice a week combined with a daily application of the Revitalizing Lotion, especially at the beginning.  The average person needs to shampoo every second day, rinsing the hair with warm water.  Though people with extreme oily scalp conditions or very active lifestyles may shampoo every day, they should still use the Penetrating Lotion only twice a week and the Revitalizing Lotion daily.

    The frequency of use for the MARGO ALIVE hair treatment may vary individually because we are not all the same and do not have the same scalp needs, but as a general rule, once the first Combo Kit is finished, a once per week full treatment (Step 1, Step 2, (optional Conditioner), and Step 3) is recommended.  The daily use of the Revitalizing Lotion is recommended until the scalp and hair condition is fully normalized.

    What is written here is a basic guide.  If you have any other further questions about our products, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-667-1022 and we will do our best to help you.

    Thank you for choosing the natural way to hair care!

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    Hair Loss In Women And Margo Alive’s Hair Treatment System

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    Hair loss is becoming more and more of an issue as the population continues to age.  The advent of chemicals in our foods and polluted environments have been adding to the problem.

    Margo Alive has created a 3-Step Treatment Program (4 with the optional conditioner) that helps restore the scalp to its natural healthy state.  For steps on how to use the 3-Step Treatment Program, please click HERE.

    Recently there has been a lot of talk of hair loss in women.  It is more popular in men, but some women now are having similar issues.  There are different reasons why women can suffer from hair loss:

    1. Telogen Effluvium.  This is a phenomenon that occurs after pregnancy, due to extreme weight loss or stress, or after major surgery.  It can also be a side effect of hormones or certain medications.
    2. Iron Deficiency.  Women that have heavy periods or don’t have enough iron in their diet can suffer from iron deficiency.
    3. Hereditary. This is the most common cause of hair loss.  The gene is inherited from either your Mom or Dad’s side and you’re more likely to have it if both your parents carry the gene.
    4. Alopecia Areata.  This is patches of baldness that come and go.  It’s typically found with young adults and teenagers.  It’s thought to be caused by a problem with the immune system.
    5. Hypothyroidism.  Millions of people, mostly women, are affected with thyroid problems.  The thyroid is responsible for everything from your basic metabolic rate to the growth of your hair and skin.  Hypothyroidism is a lack of the thyroid hormone.
    6. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  This is a hormonal imbalance where the ovaries produce too much male hormone.
    7. Anagen Effluvium.  This is widespread hair loss due to taking chemotherapy.
    8. Alopecia Areata.  This is an autoimmune disorder that in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles.
    9. Excessive Styling.  Too much work on your hair can cause hair loss.  Usually it’s a combination of treatments like keratin, colouring, and blow-drying that affect the hair.
    10. Lupus.  Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disorder in which the body’s own immune system attacks the healthy tissue.

    Hair loss or weak and thinning hair may not necessarily only be genetic.  Age, drugs, stress, protracted use of harsh hair products, and even lifestyle can be major reasons for this condition.  Typically, individuals who lead a stressful life or hat wearers often report a higher rate of scalp problems than others.

    Whether genetic, age related, or otherwise, hair problems begin with issues caused by dried up sebum and perspiration layers that over the years accumulate in hair follicles.  They form plugs that attack hair from two fronts: first, they choke it by restricting the area from which it grows and second, they often harden the scalp to a shiny surface.  That scalp congestion hampers both blood circulation and the flow of nutrients to the hair roots.

    When that occurs, men start showing bald patches, especially in the front and back of the scalp.  Women may also start losing their hair, but they are a little luckier because in most cases, it re-grows, although much thinner and at a slower rate.

    How Does The 3-Step Margo Alive Treatment Work?

    But thin or even missing hair may not spell the end.  The roots may still be a long way from being doomed and our natural way to stimulate and revive them may keep your hair alive for a long time to come.

    TV featured drugs that grow hair by altering gland functions such as testosterone blocking, may show growth of some temporary hair, but they may also cause serious and unpleasant side effects.

    Over 25 years ago, a group of Italian medical and hair specialists set off to explore alternative ways to treat thinning hair and hair loss.  They researched the century old traditions of hair treatment using stinging nettle and sea algae which is common in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic Shores.

    That research led to the formation of a drug free, modern day natural herbal treatment which is free from dangerous side effects – MARGO ALIVE.

    The unique herbal formula found in MARGO ALIVE Triple Action Hair Restoring System:

    • Dissolves noxious perspiration salts and sebum plugs to allow hair to grow freely;
    • Simulates blood circulation to the scalp to enhance the root system; and
    • Prevents the formation of new follicle plugs to avoid future scalp problems.

    Try the MARGO ALIVE Triple Action Hair Restoring System by clicking HERE.

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    New Eco-Friendly Shampoo Ingredient – Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

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    Recently we changed the formula for our shampoo and made it much more eco-friendly shampoo.  We changed some ingredients and removed others.

    Over the next few weeks, we are going to write a post about each of the ingredients.  For a list of the ingredients and (eventual) links to all of the blog posts, please click HERE.

    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate an eco-friendly shampoo ingredient

    sodium-cocoyl-isethionateWe use Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) because it is a sodium salt derived from coconut oil, not derived from animals like cattle and sheep (like sodium tallowate).  Our products are NOT TESTED on animals and we aim to use products that are not part of any animal testing.

    SCI is a popular surfactant and is found in many eco-friendly products.  A surfactant is a compound that lowers the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid.  So what SCI helps our shampoo do is to lower the surface tension of water which makes the shampoo easier to spread throughout your hair and it helps water and oil bond.  What this in turn does is allows water to cling to the dirt and oil in your hair and wash out easily.

    SCI is has a very mild nature and that’s why it is used in toothpastes and baby soaps.

    We prefer to not use any animal products in our shampoo so this plant-based mild product that works just as well as any animal-based product was a natural choice to add to our line.

    To recap:

    • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) is a plant-based sodium salt that replaces animal-based products;
    • SCI lowers the surface tension of water so it spreads through your hair easily;
    • SCI allows water to cling to dirt and oil in your hair and wash out easily;
    • SCI has a very mild nature and that’s why it’s used in toothpastes and baby soaps.

    With so many hair loss shampoos using harsh chemicals and other ingredients our eco-friendly shampoo is a great alternative that is gentle on your scalp while stimulating hair growth.

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    Sebum Control Shampoo

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    If you suffer from greasy or oily hair there is a good change that the amount of sebum on your scalp is high. This naturally occurring product in the scalp helps to protect the hair follicles. However it can also create a block or plug for new hair growth. If your hair is already thinning then this tough substance in your scalp can prevent new hair follicles from emerging easily.

    Sebum can be produced in greater amount due to stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution, illness and menopause. If your hair is naturally oily then a strong sebum control shampoo will also help to control your oily hair.

    An effective sebum control shampoo will help clean out the sebum in the scalp and restore a natural balance to your scalp and hair. Many sebum control shampoos used specific chemicals to try and reduce sebum build up. Margo Hair Alive is an all natural herbal sebum shampoo. Margo’s relies on natural ingredients to control and balance the production of sebum in the scalp. This is a much more gentle and natural method of sebum control.

    For an herbal remedy for oil hair and one that provides control over sebum build up try our Herbal hair loss shampoo and conditioner for sixty days. The results will amaze you and you will be happy to know you are not using harsh chemical with this all natural herbal treatment.

    Hair loss Treatment Combo Set

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    Margo Alive Sebum Shampoo is an effective treatment for sebum build-up

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    Concentrated Herbal ShampooIf you understand how sebum build up on the scalp can cause hair loss then the benefits of a sebum shampoo to correct this is obvious. By gently removing the oily substance that is created by the sebaceous glands from your hair follicles and the scalp you improve hair growth.

    A gentle sebum shampoo like Margo Hair Alive is formulated to clean out and remove sebum build up. This herbal hair restoration treatment contains four natural ingredients that are formulated specifically to fight hair loss and stimulate the scalp.

    These natural ingredients include Stinging nettle, Capsicum, Rosemary and Jasmine. By working together to remove sebum build up, salts, hair products and daily grim, Margo Alive herbal shampoo is effective in restoring your hair to its healthy, vigorous and beautiful best.

    Margo’s sebum shampoo is available by itself in a 380 ml size or as part of the hair loss treatment process that they are famous for. This includes the herbal penetrating lotion in step 1, the concentrated herbal shampoo in step 2 and the hair restoration revitalization lotion in step 3.

    Used together on a daily basis the herbal hair loss shampoo and treatment is recommended as one of the best herbal hair care systems available. It is excellent for fighting hair loss and sebum build up which can lead to poor hair growth. To learn more about the three stage process or to review the herbal ingredients in each product visit the catalog or product section on the site.

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