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    Margo Alive Hair Revitalizing System in Alive Magazine…

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    Margo Alive Hair Revitalizing System  has been in Alive Magazine for many years.  Here is a short paragraph written by the Alive Magazine about Margo Alive hair products.

    Restore hair vitality

    Hair loss is not always irreversible. When stress, lifestyle, health and even hair grooming products cause excessive scalp perspiration and sebum production, an ongoing follicle plugging process follows. That process chokes hair by restricting the flow of protein and blood from the hair root. Women then experience progressively thinner hair and men develop the familiar male bald pattern. But in either case, the hair root may be a long way from dead. Margo Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System can and does help restore hair growth. The herbs in the popular shampoo, and penetrating and revitalizing lotion combo kit go a long way toward ridding the follicles of the damaging plugs and stimulating growth from within the root. The economically priced kit lasts three to four months. To get more information about availability call toll free 1-800-667-1022 or visit

    You can find the article HERE.

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  • Nov

    Herbal Hair Growth Treatment

    by Jeff
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    There has been a lot of dialogue online about natural hair loss treatments that you can try at home. Many involved home recipes or herbal hair growth treatment you can use to try and combat hair loss. And of course hair loss occurs for a number of reasons which may include vitamin deficiencies, menopause, thyroid problems, skin conditions and stress. Obviously many of these do not have a quick fix but for others there are ingredients that work. Here is a short overview of some of the things to look for in addition to a natural hair growth treatment.

    Iron: Often in women the daily requirement for iron is not met. Being Iron deficient can cause hair loss as Anemia, when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin, occurs. As you know Iron is a key element in the hemoglobin molecule. If you become Anemic not enough red blood will flow through the scalp and can cause subsequent hair loss. If you think this may be one of the causes go see a doctor for a blood test and learn more about foods with high levels of iron or learn about iron supplements.

    Protein: Getting required levels of protein for some people can be hard if they are not meat lovers. Protein is important for strengthening hair and promoting hair growth. Eating eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and more fish in a diet can help to improve the amount of protein available for healthy hair growth.

    Reduce your stress: It is a key factor to health and has many benefits. Often reducing stress involved taking time for yourself and focusing on your needs as an extension of work and family duties. Exercise is of course a key stress buster but also consider soaking in an Epsom salts bath. The magnesium in the Epsom salts helps rejuvenate your stress defense as it is absorbed through the skin. It helps with enzyme activity, reducing inflammation, improving nerve function and the absorption of nutrients and flushing toxins from your system.

    Nbladder_wrackatural oils and herbs can also help stimulate and clean the scalp and improve the conditions present. Some key ingredient in Margo’s Hair Alive include minerals and natural ingredients that do just that. There are few Herbal hair growth treatments on the market that have the blend of rosemary, bladder wrack, capsicum, witches broom and stinging nettle found in Margo’s herbal hair growth treatment. These work together to clean the scalp of sebum, condition the hair and stimulate and nourish the scalp for better hair growth.

    Learn more about our ingredients and nutrients here.






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  • Oct

    Hair Loss Scalp Treatment

    by Jeff
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    Hair Loss Scalp Treatment with Margo Alive

    margoalivehairlosstreatmentstep3While you may know that hair loss in men and women can be the result of genetics and illness, did you also know that hair loss can be reduced significantly with a proven hair loss scalp treatment.
    The scalp is a complex system that has many factors affecting the growth of hair. Some of these are internal conditions like blood flow to the scalp, the amount of natural oils and sebum a scalp produces or hormone imbalances in the body. Others are external factors like dying, mousses, hairsprays and styling gels and of course the type of shampoo you use. Many shampoos these days coat the hair to provide more body and volume. Of course if you are suffering from hair loss making the existing hair feel bigger can be beneficial but at the same time may compound the underlying condition that is causing the hair loss in the first place.
    Margo Alive is a tried and true herbal treatment that provides a hair loss scalp treatment in the three step process. The Natural Herbal Revitalization Lotion is the third step in the hair loss treatment. It works by providing the following three benefits in a gentle and effective herbal lotion
    1.    It reduces salts and sebum plugs in the scalp to allow hair to grow freely.
    2.    It nourishes the hair follicles and scalp to encourage health strong hair growth.
    3.    Using sea algae and herbal extracts found in butcher’s broom, bladder wrack, stinging nettle, capsicum and rosemary it stimulates blood flow, prevents sebum build up and stimulates the hair growth process of the scalp.
    There is no need for added mousse or hairspray when you finish the three step hair loss scalp treatment and shampoo. And of course it is nice to know that you are not relying on chemicals to get the results you are after but rather an all natural herbal hair growth treatment that has been providing great hair loss remedies for over 30 years.

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  • Sep

    Margo Hair Alive Ad July 2013

    by Jeff
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    Margo Hair Alive’s recent ad in Alive Magazine.

    Margo_fp Thrive v2.indd

    The new ad features the hair restoration treatment, the New Combo kit with the deep action Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal hair.

    The two new body lotions are also shown with the Complete Body lotion and the complete Body and Bath gel.

    If you are looking for a great natural herbal hair loss treatment shampoo and conditioner then visit your local health food store and ask for Margo Alive herbal treatment. The system is excellent as a sebum shampoo, for burning scalp syndrome, dandruff control and of course hair growth.




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