Burning scalp syndrome treatment

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Burning scalp syndrome is a condition where the scalp feels like it is burning, itching and stinging. It is often associated with hair loss in men and women. The medical term for the condition is Trichodynia or scalp dysethesia. It is not clinically proven what exactly is causing the sensation but scientists believe a neuropeptide in the nerve cells may be the source of the signal back to the brain. This burning sensation at the hair follicle in the scalp can be very painful and stressful for the person suffering from the condition. While it is often associated with Alopicia or baldness in men and women it can occur on its own. There is no quick cure for Burning Scalp Syndrome, but treatments are available that provide effective relief.

Margo’s Hair Alive herbal hair loss treatment has been recommended by Doctors for the relief of burning scalp syndrome.

This may be related to the all natural herbal ingredients and their effectiveness at stimulating and conditioning the scalp.

Let’s take a closer look at this scalp condition to understand why our products might help.
Burning Scalp Syndrome occurs in about 1/3 of those experiencing chronic hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by hereditary conditions in men , by depression and stress and by conditions in the scalp like sebum build up. The painful sensation can be quit acute as the nerves around the root of the hair become stimulated when the hair is touched or combed sending a pain signal to the brain. The burning sensation and pain in the scalp can be difficult to understand as no physical trauma has occurred to cause the pain. This is like phantom pains where there is no physical injury to pin point the source. Nevertheless it is still very discomforting for the person suffering from the condition.

There have been reports by Doctors on the nueropeptide link to pain. As hair follicles grow and die the level of these nueropeptide around the hair root fluctuate. With hair loss a nueropeptide called “Substance P” is thought to increase as the hair dies and triggers the pain response.  In addition to the nerve chemistry that is going on we know that the hair follicles can also become inflamed as a result of Alopecia. This inflammation can also contribute to the sensation of burning and pain in the scalp.

burning scalp syndrome imagePsychologically there is also a link to burning scalp syndrome sufferers. As people worry about their conditions they may also suffer from depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders: conditions that can be assuaged with medication from These psychological factors are very common with over 1/3 of our population suffering from depression at some point in their lives. A fear of hair loss, however trivial it may seems, can become a trigger for more serious physical conditions.

There has been much clinical work on hair restoration that range from hormonal treatments, antidepressant treatment, powerful chemical lotions and conditioners all in an attempt to prevent hair loss. These can of course also have a beneficial effect on burning scalp syndrome if the cause of the sensation is linked to a hereditary of psychological source.  Some antidepressant can reduce Substance P which results in improvements with burning scalp syndrome.

Margo Hair Alive is a gentler approach and may be the reason we have been recommended by physicians for this treatment. We use naturally occurring herbal extracts and natural ingredients to condition the scalp and hair. Without the use of hormones, corticoids or harsh chemicals our burning scalp syndrome treatment includes organic herbs in a three or 4 stage shampoo and conditioner process that is effective on reducing the suffering of patients with this condition.

We have had success with treating others suffering from burning scalp syndrome please visit our product page to learn more about our ingredients and the treatments we offer.Follow Margo Hair Alive on Facebook

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