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by azhaleskard
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Why is the Margo Hair Alive system for Hair loss so expensive?

This is a question that we often get about the Margo Hair Alive Hair Regrowth Revitalizing system.

All of the ingredients in our products to reduce hair loss and encourage regrowth are 100% natural. We use only purified water and extracts of herbal ingredients that are found in nature. We do not use chemicals in our products that will harm the environment or more importantly your skin. I recently received a sample in the mail of a product that claims to restore hair but when I read the instructions the first line reads “Warning : Flammable do not use near flame or while smoking.Use only in ventilated areas. Avoid spraying in eyes.Keep out of reach of children” This is all in capital letters so they really want you to read this. Why would you want to put this on your scalp?

All of the Margo Hair Alive products are completely safe to use by all members of the family. We even have a family formulated shampoo that contains all the wonderful herbal ingredients of our concentrated shampoo of the three step triple action hair restoring system.

Wondering what those ingredients are? A quick list -Stinging Nettle, Butchers Broom,Bladder Wrack, Capsicum,Rosemary and Verbena. All natural all safe. Yes we do use alcohol in our products I am not going to lie but the reason is that the extract or essences of a couple of the natural herbs are only soluble in alcohol and once they have become a liquid form they are mixed with the purified water.

We do warn not to get our product in your eyes. The reason for this is we have Capsicum extract in our products. Capsicum is derived from skin of peppers and is what gives them their heat. Capsicum is also a natural stimulant to encourage the hair follicles to regrow your hair. Another side benefit to Capsicum is the natural relief it gives for Burning Scalp Syndrome.

But I am way off topic as to why our hair revitalizing restoring products seem so expensive. If the three products: Step 1 Herbal Penetrating Lotion, breaks up the sebum, salts and oils on the scalp- use about 6-10 drops Step 2 The Concentrated Herbal Shampoo works with step one and washes the loosened sebum and salts away-use about a dime sized dollop – twice. Step 3 The Revitalizing Lotion that remains on the towel dried scalp to nourish the hair system and help prevent further formation of sebum that plugs the hair follicles causing hair loss- use 10-15 drops

If these are used following the complete and easy instructions that we send along you will find that our products will last you up to three months depending on how often you wash your hair and clean your scalp. So dividing the cost by three months our products are actually very cost effective.Follow Margo Hair Alive on Facebook


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