What Makes A Good Herbal Hair Loss Shampoo?

by Jeff
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You’ve seen the ads about organic hair loss shampoos. You’ve read various theories on the causes of hair loss. Like everyone else, with age you’ve noticed the change in your hair, and thought about how to prevent further hair loss.

It seems many of us automatically respond to big name products when it comes to hair loss shampoos, and, by virtue of their advertising we want to believe that they’re the right choice for us. Perhaps we should think twice about the shampoo we use and better understand what is best for our scalp and hair as we grow older.

MARGO hair loss products are based on an herbal formula that is not full of harsh chemicals and drugs. And we have never tested our products on animals in our research on how to prevent hair loss.

That same social responsibility within our manufacturing of hair thinning shampoos extends to our use of the finest herbal ingredients in a “safety first” manner. Some high-profile shampoos are actually flammable. This boggles our minds. Why would you risk starting a fire on your head – how does that stop hair loss?

Then there is the value question and the idea that the quality of heavily advertised products justifies their higher prices. As I’m sure you are aware the extra cost is the result of that advertising expense. For your hair loss treatment products wouldn’t it be better to pay less for a safe product that works well and avoids all the costly hype?

If you ask people what they actually want in an herbal or organic hair loss shampoo the answers are consistent. They want a shampoo that delivers a silky smoothness to the hair; adds thickness; and promotes fast growth of new hair with no negative side effects. Less important for hair loss products are whether they are scented or fragrance free and a shampoo and conditioner in one, or not.

What you don’t want are side effects from chemicals and hormones used in some products. An example is a product whose “swelling effect” could be dangerous to those with fine, brittle hair. Why not just simply use an all natural formula for your hair loss treatment and avoid these risks altogether.

With MARGO’s Hair loss treatment process the herbal nutrients increase the shine and body of the hair which is especially beneficial for dry, brittle hair. Our three steps Hair Restoring System helps hair growth and improves the health of the scalp.

  • In Step One, the penetrating lotion in our organic hair loss shampoo does the ground work, penetrating follicles and dissolving sebum plugs. The herbs then go right to work nourishing the roots and stimulating blood circulation.
  • In Step Two the Concentrated Shampoo removes all scalp impurities, and leaves no trace of soap residue. It is highly effective and preps you for the final step.
  • Our Revitalizing Lotion is step three and once applied creates a tingling sensation as your scalp benefits from the conditioning.

After using Margo’s hair loss shampoo you’ll have healthier, thicker hair and a scalp that will promote hair growth. You will also have peace of mind in knowing you’ve used an herbal, all natural hair loss treatment for your baldness.

For the best hair loss product on the market forget the hype of the big brands and experience the revitalizing wonders of MARGO ALIVE organic hair loss shampoo.

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