MARGO HAIR ALIVE Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Addresses Baldness & Ballcaps Syndrome

by Jeff
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Remember your science teacher talking about hair loss and baldness? What if, for example, your mother’s brother is bald, you’ll be bald too?

Possibly. It’s just that, science evolves like everything else over time. Including hair loss in men, not to mention mens’ hair loss shampoo.

Speaking of hair loss in men “over time”, have you ever noticed how in old black-and-white film clips, whenever they show a hectic urban crowd scene, there is always a shot of men in hats? Hats everywhere. Fedoras mainly, but also cloth caps on heads, and, if you go back far enough in time, the occasional derby.

There were no MARGO hair thinning shampoos back in the day, so, men put all manner of lotions into their hair to slick it back, your grandpa’s Brylcreem and whatnot, anything to make it shine; keep it in place, mainly. It’s just What You Did. A Man Wore A Hat. A fedora was as much a sign of a man’s maturity as a deep voice, or, facial hair, for that matter. Best of all, hats covered up signs of hair loss in men. Or….were they really the causes of hair loss?

Time passes. The 1960s, the Beatles, long hair, and, as always with attractive phenomena, a deep and abiding natural desire to imitate it, to be “in style”. We took our hats off to the Fab Four, so to speak, and re-thought hair and hair products.

Hats were not so much chucked aside as relatively ignored in the desire to grow the “moptop” haircut, which, with gradual amendments, became more mainstream by the mid-to-late 1970s. Hair loss in men became a growing source of anxiety. Because, for a while there, growing your hair “long” was What You Did. Shampoo it, man. Rinse it. Show it off! Forget about hats! Grow sideburns even. But…what if I can’t? In fact, how do I stop hair loss? Well, er, invest in a good toupee, perhaps?

Time passes some more. Now you’ve got the punk and new wave era of the 80s, shorter, sometimes spikier hair on men, and, surprise, more lotions, sprays and whatnot to keep it all pristine, keep it together! By the late 80s and early 90s a curious phenomenon amongst young men, and others not so young: baseball caps, everywhere! Often worn backwards, to keep the newer, mostly shorter, hairstyles tightly in place! Best of all, these baseball caps covered up signs of balding. Or….were they the causes of hair loss?

So, if you look at history this way, you’ve got to wonder, what, after all these years’ of changes to mens’ hair, is the truth about hats and damage to hair? And, can a specific men’s hair loss shampoo really make a difference?

A recent study in the US News claims it is not so much hats as dirty hats, which can lead to scalp infection and may be what causes hair loss, or at least accelerates it.

The web site haircentral.com talks of how hats, when tight enough, do tend to cut off circulation to hair follicles, leading to hair loss in men.

This is echoed by Dr. Aman Samrao, a dermatologist at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. The scientific name is “traction alopecia” which happens when you put a lot of stress on the hair follicle, the hairline recedes because of that pulling.

But you can keep that stress out of your life and stop hair loss with MARGO ALIVE hair loss treatment products. Specifically, using the unique herbal formula found in the MARGO ALIVE Triple Action Hair Restoring System:

  • How it dissolves noxious perspiration salts and sebum plugs to allow hair to grow freely.
  • How it stimulates blood circulation to the scalp to enhance the root system.
  • How it prevents the formation of new follicle plugs to avoid future scalp problems (Such as, baldness from your ballcap!)
    And always, use your organic hair loss shampoo as directed. That’s so important we’ll say it twice: Always use as directed.

MARGO ALIVE gives you the best hair loss products. They’re herbal. They’re untested on animals. They’re awesome, in fact. See if you don’t doff your cap to the revitalizing wonders of MARGO ALIVE organic hair loss shampoo.Follow Margo Hair Alive on Facebook

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