Margo Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System Instruction Steps

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Three Easy And Natural Steps For Prompt Results

STEP ONE: Penetrating Lotion

The natural iodine found in sea algae extracts allows the lotion to penetrate follicles and instantly dissolve the harmful plugs.  That opens the way for the remaining herbs to flow to the roots, stimulate blood circulation, and nourish them, which is essential to maintaining a healthy scalp.

STEP TWO: Concentrated Shampoo

A highly concentrated herbal shampoo (free from the usual Sodium Laureth Sulfates found in commercial shampoos) that blends ideally with the Penetrating Lotion and removes all scalp impurities without a trace of residues.

STEP THREE: Revitalizing Lotion

The Revitalizing Lotion is designed to maintain actively the esential follicle cleansing, nourishing, and stimulating process on a 24/7 basis.  A “tingling” sensation, especially in the early stages of your treatment, is proof of its continuous action.  The resulting well-nourished and obstruction-free follicles promote healthier and thicker hair, even in areas where it had been often choked out of sight.

OPTIONAL: Moisturizing Conditioner

Its wealth of herbal nutrients, Keratins, and Vitamin E is a perfect solution to restore body and shine to dry, brittle coloured hair.  The lotion’s addition of a natural lemon oil extract assure the ideal pH balance.

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Using The Full Margo Treatment (A Three Step Process)

NOTE: The best way to apply the product without wasting it is to place the finger tip on the scalp and, using the bottle spigot, drop one drop and work it in a one inch circle.

STEP 1: Apply 10-20 drops of the Penetrating Lotion (Step 1) to the dry scalp and massage lotion in gently until the scalp is covered.  Ideally, the lotion should be left about 10 minutes before shampooing but if your time schedule does not allow that, it can be applied and left overnight.

STEP 2: Before wetting the hair, apply the Natural Herbal Shampoo (Step 2) to the scalp, using the same method as in step 1 above.  Wet and massage your scalp in the shower, then rinse.  If your hair needs it, add a few more drops of the shampoo, work into a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly.

OPTIONAL STEP: If you have very dry or tangling hair, you should use the optional Moisturizing Conditioner.  Once you have rinsed off the shampoo, apply a few drops of the Moisturizing Conditioner to your hair and massage gently concentrating on hair ends rather than the scalp.  Leave it in your hair for 1-2 minutes then rinse off with cool water.

STEP 3: After towel drying your hair, apply 20-30 drops of the Revitalizing Lotion (Step 3) to your scalp and massage gently until your scalp is covered.  After the lotion is applied, you can set or comb your hair.  Do not rinse the hair lotion or it will lose its effect.  Ideally, you should allow the lotion to dry by itself without blow drying.  If you have to blow dry, do it when the hair is almost dry in order to allow the skin to absorb as much of the hair lotion as possible.

In order to get the full benefit from the MARGO ALIVE hair treatment we recommend the full treatment twice a week combined with a daily application of the Revitalizing Lotion, especially at the beginning.  The average person needs to shampoo every second day, rinsing the hair with warm water.  Though people with extreme oily scalp conditions or very active lifestyles may shampoo every day, they should still use the Penetrating Lotion only twice a week and the Revitalizing Lotion daily.

The frequency of use for the MARGO ALIVE hair treatment may vary individually because we are not all the same and do not have the same scalp needs, but as a general rule, once the first Combo Kit is finished, a once per week full treatment (Step 1, Step 2, (optional Conditioner), and Step 3) is recommended.  The daily use of the Revitalizing Lotion is recommended until the scalp and hair condition is fully normalized.

What is written here is a basic guide.  If you have any other further questions about our products, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-667-1022 and we will do our best to help you.

Thank you for choosing the natural way to hair care!

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