What are these really cool sounding ingredients?

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What is Bladder Wrack and why is it one of the ingredients?

Bladder Wrack is a form of Kelp or seaweed that has been used medicinally for  centuries by many different cultures.  Latin name Fucas Vesiculous has a number of common names that it is known by: Bladder Wrack, Black Tang, Sea Oak, Cut Weed, Rockweed or Rock Wrack .

Bladder Wrack is rich in Iodine, Algin, Mannitol,  high in Corotene,Calcium,Magnesum,Potassium,Sodium, Sulfur,Silicon,Iron, some B complex Vitamins, moderate amounts of Phosporus, selenium, manganese, zinc, small amounts of vitamins A,C,E & G.

Although not recommended to be ingested, Bladder Wrack is used topically to relieve burns, ageing skin, skin disease and insect bites. Bladder Wrack is an ingredient in our formula to ease burning scalp syndrome.

What is Capsicum?

Capsicum is the Genus of flowering plant of the Nightshade family.  It is native to the Americas and has been cultivated for thousands of years.  Capsicum contains a Lipophilic chemical that produces a strong burning sensation on the tongue when ingested.

Capsicum has always had great importance in Native American medicine. In modern medicine it is used as a circulatory stimulant.

It is the Capsicum in Margo Alive that causes the tingling sensation on your scalp stimulating the hair follicles.  Capsicum  will cause a stinging sensation if you get some in your eye, which is why we recommend that you do not get it in your eyes. It will not damage the tissues, it will just sting a bit.

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