Margo’s Hair Loss Treatment Benefits

Burning Scalp Syndrome Shampoo

Margo Hair Alive hair growth products include a hair loss treatment which is a herbal shampoo recommended by physicians for the treatment of Burning Scalp Syndrome and thinning hair. Read More.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women

As an herbal hair loss treatment Margo Hair Alive hair growth products are a natural and gentle hair treatment for reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Read More.

Sebum Control Shampoo

As a Sebum control shampoo Margo’s Hair alive is effective at removing and reducing the buildup of sebum on the scalp. This improves healthy hair growth. Read More.

mens hairlossWhy an herbal hair loss treatment is a good choice?

Herbal hair loss treatments for men and women that are effective at fighting hair loss yet still gentle on the scalp and skin are not common. The hair care industry tends to fight hair loss with hormonal treatments, drugs and harsh chemicals. This approach may help to ward of hair loss but also carries with it unwanted side effects from the use of these compounds.

Margo’s Hair loss treatment is an all natural herbal hair care treatment process. It relies on ancient herbs from the mediterranean to thoroughly clean the scalp and stimulate circulation and hair follicle growth. These herbs medicinal properties also help relieve the painful burning sensation known as Burning Scalp Syndrome which is common with Alopecia and male pattern baldness. By developing an all natural hair loss treatment Margos’ has provided one of the safest methods of fighting hair loss. It is gentle on your hair and scalp, stimulates and nourishes your scalp for healthy hair growth, cleans and removes potentially damaging sebum and oils from around the hair root and leaves your hair feeling full and healthy. If you have not tried this product and are looking for a natural choice for hair loss treatment give Margo’s Hair Alive a try. You will not be disappointed.


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